Top 8 Fun Campfire Games For Preschoolers

As a parent, one of the best ways to teach your child is through play. The way they are able to learn and explore is by doing what they want, without being instructed on what to do or how to act. This creativity and self-expression will help them grow into their own person when it comes time for school. One of the most popular activities for preschoolers in campsites are campfire games! They can be really fun (and also educational!) so that’s why we’re going to take a look at some of our favorites below!

Why do we organize campfire games for preschoolers?

– Campfires have been used by people for thousands of years to keep warm, cook food and tell stories.

– In today`s world campfire games are also a great way for families to get together and share some quality time.

– Campfire activities help kids learn important skills like teamwork, problem-solving, strategic thinking as well as boosting their confidence.

Remember that campfire games are not the only activity you should organize if you want your child to be creative or relaxed. That is why we have included on this site articles about [some other] types of activities that can be combined with camping:  How to organize outdoor family fun?

In this article we will tell you how you can combine campfire games for preschoolers and camping to lead a very fun weekend with your family.

Camping sites without campfire sites:

If you decide to combine campfire games for preschoolers and camping, we recommend that you choose a campsite where the campfire area is not included in the price of your accommodation. In this way you will be able to play as many campfire games as you want. If there is no possibility of having a fire at your campsite, don`t be sad! There are lots of other things that can make an outdoor evening unforgettable even if it involves only star gazing or telling stories around the day`s catch. . Check out these ideas about how to organize outdoor family fun .

How to organize campfire games for preschoolers?

We recommend to start the evening with a short walk in nature (if possible near your campsite), where kids can spot and enjoy the beauties of nature. The walking will also make them tired, so that they will be ready to fall asleep quickly. After dinner we recommend that you play some relaxed game related to nature like fishing, treasure hunting or collecting items from the dish washing list. At these campfire games every member of family should have a turn at being captain/leader or stargazer/musician.

1. Practice camping at home

The activity that we recommend for the night before going on a camping trip is practicing by making a campfire at home. Create your own natural setting, prepare some campfire games and practice with real fire! Kids will love it!

If you are planning to go hiking or spend most of your time in nature, take along very little equipment so you can have more space for playing with your kids. It`s better to have several smaller bags than one heavy bag (which may end up being carried by daddy-o instead of mommy). Don`t forget to pack things like comfortable shoes and extra t-shirts for kids. They will need them during their long walks through nature. The only thing that you definitely should not forget is your sense of humor and enthusiasm… and a camera for capturing those precious moments together with nature.

2. Research games

For all you parents who have never been camping with kids, we recommend to prepare some campfire games before going on a trip. It is a good idea to create different types of challenges and see which one can be best combined with the location where your weekend will take place. For example, if you go fishing or hiking in the woods it`s better to make that activity part of your challenge. You can also prepare several degrees of difficulty so that younger/older/physically challenged family members can enjoy campfire games too!

Chubby Bunny game

Here`s an example of campfire games for preschoolers called “Chubby Bunny”. It may seem that this game is designed for children, but you will be surprised to learn that it`s a great team building activity even for adults! And it`s definitely worth trying once.

Have you ever tried making a bunny out of marshmallows? Just follow these instructions:

– Sit with your legs stretched in front of you.

– Have a stick prepared (a long one) on which the marshmallow should be hung.

– Stretch your hand forward, grab the marshmallow and put it into your mouth before someone sees what you are doing. Then you have to take the stick, move it behind your back and try to make your bunny again.

If someone sees you, you have to stretch the stick back in front of you and do the same thing. You can take an extra marshmallow if you get caught. The game ends when there are no more marshmallows! Have fun!

Two Truths And A Lie

This campfire games for preschoolers is a perfect combination of storytelling and guessing game. It can be played by teams or individuals. Here`s how we play it:

– The only requirement to play this game is your imagination. You can decide where the story will take place, who are the characters (real or non-existent), what problems they have to solve etc… Let each player have three ‘truths’ about his/her character which he has to tell; then make up one ‘lie’ that will cause some confusion once revealed. Try different variations and make them as colorful and sad, funny or terrible as you like!

Let the kids know in advance that someone might end up with wet pants!

 I Spy

This campfire games for preschoolers is perfect for kids who love exploring and getting excited about things they find in nature. The basic idea of this game is to teach children how to observe details, while having fun at the same time.

Here`s how we play it:

– Either choose one of you or get a child from the audience to be the first person that will try this game;

– Let that person describe what he/she sees (“I spy something…”) and then give hints until someone guesses correctly. For example “It`s made from wood! It`s hard!” etc…

– When guessed, take another player or get another kid from the audience to join in! Try your best not to laugh and mess up their efforts to guess the object.

Now have some fun using your imagination! Once you know how to play, invent your own version of this game. You can use it during a campfire or any other time when everyone is gathered around and listening intently.

Play for hours in a row or take short breaks between playing… Whatever works best for you! The only important thing is to keep the kids having fun while learning about colors and animals that live in our wonderful world!


This campfire games for preschoolers is a very funny game to play with your kids. It will help them develop their imagination, creativity and ability to act as well! Here`s how we play it:

– Choose one of you or get a child from the audience to be the first person that will try this game;

– Let that person describe in 10 seconds (or however long it takes) what they see (“I saw something… It`s big!…”). The time limit gives them additional pressure to think on their feet and use only gestures instead of words;

– After someone guesses correctly, pass the ball onto another player or kid from the audience. Keep doing this until everyone has had a turn!

Wink murder

This is one of the best campfire games for preschoolers you can play. It combines mystery with suspense and turns any campsite into a really scary place!

– Tell everyone that they will take turns to ‘kill’ one another by winking at them. Explain that if someone `winks` back, it means he/she is also being killed;

– Each player can only have one turn per round: either kill or be killed;

– If you are killed, you should let your head drop down in sadness (but don`t forget to raise it up as soon as the killer has had his/her turn). The last person standing wins this game!

Marshmallow Toss Game

This campfire games for preschoolers is best played at a campsite near a lake or ocean where kids can play with the water after they catch their marshmallows in it. Here`s how we play it:

– Decide who will be tossing first by throwing one marshmallow from shore into the water. Whoever catches it gets to throw first and then toss 2 marshmallows, etc… until all of them are gone.

Guessing shapes

Another example of campfire games for preschoolers is to make different shapes with hands. This game can be played at any time, especially when the sun goes down.

This is how we play it:

– Everyone sits in a circle and puts their hands on their legs. The leader calls out the names of shapes – circles, squares, triangles etc… And everyone has to move only his or her fingers that are supposed to create this shape (no other body parts can be used).

The fun part comes when someone gets caught moving more than one finger at a time! That person will need to do the same exercise without using hands… How painful! Have fun!

There`s no right or wrong age limit for playing campfire games with kids! These games can be played by young children as well as older teenagers. If you like, you can also use them to work on coordination or teambuilding so that everyone feels that his/her contribution is important.

3. Think Safety First!

Use only camping equipment that is safe for young children — fire blankets, fire putters (use a bucket of water instead of sand), etc. Remember to have an adult present as a camp counselor at all times and take care with any suggestions you’ve heard about starting fires using other means than the official way listed in your local camping manual or park website.

It’s also important to constantly remind preschoolers about safety. You can do this by reminding them what to do if they get lost while on the trip, how to behave around bears/mountain lions / rattlesnakes, what not to touch and where it is OK to go alone (like a latrine). The best precautionary method for campfire games is constant monitoring by adults.

When planning campfire games with preschoolers, decide on a few “rules” and stick to them. For example No touching fire blankets without permission from the counselor and no running around while you are tending a fire.

Considering your group, choose age appropriate activities but also be sure that it will challenge them to get involved and interact as teamwork is their greatest strength. The more they play together the better team players they become!

Be ready for all sorts of weather when camping with kids; rain gear, sunscreen, hats (baseball caps work well), etc., should be part of everyone’s camping gear . Check your local outdoor store for ideas. There are also lots of great books online about campfire safety — before you go on your trip.

4. Be flexible

A fun campfire program can be planned in a short time but it takes the whole group to make it really special.

Debra’s Tips for Planning a Successful Campfire Program:

#1 — Try to schedule game time after lunch, when everyone is rested, alert and ready to play. You will be amazed how much fun they can have and what cooperation you’ll get afterwards.

#2 — Although parents often worry about their child getting lost or hurt during camp activities; it happens infrequently and is usually due to the parent not following the rules that were established in advance. We are of course, talking about “lost” as in wandering away from the group. If you have a group of 20 kids at your summer camp, it is amazing how someone always seems to notice if one kid has gotten into trouble and needs help finding their way back to the group. Behavior problems happen much more often than anyone wants to admit, but are usually settled with a quiet conversation or discussion with the counselor that starts before it gets out of hand.

#3 — Don’t over schedule your campers– They need and deserve time just to play together during their lunch break, rest time (at least 10 minutes) and after supper even if they fall asleep soon afterwards! It’s important for them to be able to wind down in the evenings after all their running around outside!


1. What are things to do around the campfire?

There are a ton more ideas out there, from roasting marshmallows and making smores over an open fire to singalongs around the campfire . I hope you can enjoy it as much as our family does.

In many cases, these games require two people. If you have young children at home such that only one parent can accompany your older child on the campout, you can use a camcorder to capture the adventures of your older child and send that video through e-mail or play it on a portable media player for everyone to enjoy.

I’m proud of my kids for making friends so easily! They were able to play with other little campers around their age without any problems! I think they are really getting better at peer relations – having friends over more often helps them learn social skills quite well. They also manage themselves within their group rather well… (although sometimes it’s just not easy)

2. How do you make an outdoor game?

It’s as simple as making a list of possible items (or random things) to use for play, varying the game by using different items each time. We usually make our games up as we go along, but it can also be fun to plan out your game in advance..

Other ideas: Campout Bingo , Campout Charades . Try writing down your thoughts before you camp – perhaps on an index card or something like that. Then, once you’re at camp with everyone else, see how well everyone does! I go through phases where I’m really into drawing and then other times when I have trouble thinking of anything new… you never know what’ll come along next!

3. What are some camping activities?

Camping provides an opportunity to have a whole lot of fun without the usual distractions, and I think you’ll love this simple camping activity because it is really easy to learn and doesn’t require any special equipment- only your imagination.

Camping games are played outdoors in the natural environment with your family and friends. Of course, there are many more than just these games…

Monster In My Pocket . (The kid on the right looks like she did not have as much fun)

4. What do 4 years olds like to play?

If you have a 4 year old at home, don’t worry! This age can be fun but challenging as well. 4 year olds love to play with friends and family . These games are designed for preschoolers and primary school kids taking part in family camping trips.

Camping is an activity that you can enjoy along with your entire family. If we’re going on a car trip somewhere, we take time to think up a list of all the things that we’d like to do when we get there; this way, it seems more like a “trip” instead of just another car ride.

I’ll give you two ideas then – one for using the sand itself (it’s right in front of you!) and one for using something you can bring along.

We have a friend who takes his family camping up at Calaveras Big Trees every summer – there’s plenty of room for everyone, and he makes sure that each of the kids has their own tent to keep themselves busy. He says it’s also a good idea to let them do some exploring on their own – especially if you’re going to camp in an unknown place because they’ll feel like they’ve “discovered” something special.


Campfires are just as fun for kids today, and they can be a great way to introduce them to the outdoors. The games we’ve shared in this blog post will help you make your next campfire event an unforgettable one. Did you know that playing these types of games is also a fantastic way to reinforce preschool skills such as counting, recognizing shapes, colors and more? So what are you waiting for? Get out there with your little ones and start having some fun!

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