Can You Put a Washer And Dryer In a Camper?

Is it possible to put a washer and dryer in a camper instead of wasting money on laundromats every trip?

That is one of the main recent annoyment of many travelers. After long and sweaty adventures, they might only hope to wash their dirty clothes, not having to drive for days before reaching a coin-laundry service.

As a result, the article below will give you detailed guides to put washers and dryers in a camper effectively.

Is It Possible to Put A Washer and Dryer In A Camper? A Quick Answer

Of course, it is possible to add washers and dryers to an RV. But, before that, you might want to grasp knowledge about some related information below:

  • How much does it cost to install washers and dryers in a camper?
  • Tips and tricks to put laundry machines into a motorhome
  • How to use RV washing machines and dryers efficiently?
  • Best campers with washers and dryers
  • Alternatives for a laundry machine to have clean clothes.

How Much Does It Cost?

In most situations, revenue is the first factor to consider when buying any item. Adding laundry devices is not the exception.

In reality, I have to confirm that those kinds of machines are expensive.

Especially if you want to have long-lasting washing machines and dryers that can bear the harsh conditions on long roads, you often have to pay more than $1000.

The cost has not included the fund to pay for professionally installing the machine.

What’s more, in some cases, a washer and dryer combo might perform less efficiently with smaller loads than the one working separately.

That means you have to pay more if there are many people on the camper.

How To Put A Washer And Dryer In A Camper? Useful Tips And Tricks

1. Choosing a camping washing machine and dryer


First and foremost, you have to buy a suitable washer and dryer. It might not be easy because most motorhome has relatively small spaces.

So, bear in mind to find compact devices.

For instance, you can look up a washer and dryer combo. That means you have a 2-in-1 machine without requiring many spaces.

Of course, the price might be higher than normal ones.

Besides, a compact and stackable washer/dryer is another option. You can choose more sizes and working powers from the style.

Before buying, making sure the device is compatible with the RV rig.

Thirdly, if you want to spend less time installing bulky machines, opting for a portable washer might be a great idea.

While its washing capacity is not as impressive as automatic and more significant washers and dryers, it still works effectively on cleaning cloths.

Besides, it is pretty cheap, at toughly lower than $100.

After the clothes are washed, you can hang them on clotheslines. It takes only a few hours for them to dry, and it often keeps the fabric and elastic better.

2. Vented or ventless washers and dryers?

There is another way to distinguish different types of RV washers and dryers: vented or ventless.

That being said, a vented machine makes clothes dry the airflow outside.

It needs an air exhaust vent to operate.

Contrastly, ventless washers and dryers use air heated inside to dry clothing.

It takes more time to have dry clothes with the machines, and they waste much more water. So buyers often do not want to choose this.

But, usually, they fit small hookups or spaces.

So, from time to time, they are the only option.

Consequently, based on your rig, and needs to choose the best one. For example, when you travel with one or two adults, it is useless to use a big stackable machine.

However, what would happen if you have naughty kids who always make them dirty? It is worth boosting the size of the laundry device.

3. Installing washers and dryers

In reality, to put a washer and dryer in a camper is quite simple.

Most modern trailers are well-equipped with washing machines and dryer hookups lying in a closet or cabinet.

They are often more than enough for a small combo or other styles.

But a ventless setup is needed, which is produced explicitly for campers and enclosed areas.

By stark contrast, if you have an old RV model, it likely lacks pre-existing hookups.

You might have to spend more time to install and retrofit the recreational vehicle to make the laundry machines fit.

Plus, the complex operation requires compatibility of your camper, the washing and drying device, and the living spaces.

Following experienced travelers, you might want to contract with contractors and manufacturers, preferably those who did install devices for campers before.

Take a look at this video to have a dep about installing washers and dryers combo:

4. Can You Install A Camping Washing Machine Spin DryerBy Yourself?

My advice is you should no do that. Of course, if you are skilled enough, no one stops you from that.

It would save you a lot of revenue.

However, I guess you might be unsure when you decided to read this topic. So it would help if you hire a handyperson or find a local RV shop.

The last option often requires less money.

Moreover, once you have vented washers and dryers installed, call for a professional.

He performs better on making exhaust tubes.

Last but not least, once you persistently want to do it by yourself, make a detailed plan is my advice.

Without careful preparation, you might have to pay a much higher price than normal.

How To Use A RV Washer And Dryer?

After understanding how to put a washer and dryer in a camper, you might consider how to use them as well.

Usually, washing clothes in RV washing machines and dryers is different from that in your house’s washer.

Since the previous is smaller and it works less efficiently, it struggles with vast loads of clothing. Besides, the RV models take around three to four hours to get things done.

Additionally, the specific models do not feature any lint trap. But the modest machine produces less lint than the normal-sized one, and it works pretty gently.

Regarding the dryer or dryer mode, it would help if you do not use dryer sheets. Take one to two tablespoons of fabric softener would give better results.

After roughly 30 minutes, take the clothes out as well.

Then, pull the pieces of clothing out, shaking them, carefully fold them up. Last but not least, put them back in the dryer for the rest cycle.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to schedule a laundry day. Since you might take more time to wash and dry clothes with the machines every day, it is better to use the hours doing other crucial works such as making money or fixing other rigs.

Picking up a suitable day and do the laundry task would ultimately cut it down to size.

Are there any travel trailers with washer and dryer?

While some high-end motorhomes like Class A are always well-equipped with additional washers and dryers, some cheaper ones might not.

But, that is not the case with travel trailers or fifth wheels. Today, manufacturers also offer laundry machines in some of their large travel trucks.

Furthermore, there is no space for engines or driving areas on those vehicles. So, owners can spend more room for a more significant device like a normal-sized washer and dryer combo. Plus, it is much easier to put them on the redundant gaps.

Best Campers With Washers And Dryers

Instead of purchasing an old camper without any washers and dryers hookup, many people now choose a modern one.

Although it might be a little more expensive, it significantly satisfies people who are full-timing or do not want to wait days to reach a launderette.

After understanding that you can put an in your camper laundry machines, you should know which one is best recently.

Some of them are:

For this reason, I would like to provide you best campers with washers and dryers as below.

  • Class A RVs: Jayco Embark, Forest River FR3, Coachmen Pursuit 31TS, and others
  • Class C RVs: Jayco Seneca Motorhome, Coachmen Leprechaun Premier
  • Toy Haulers and Fifth Wheels: Keystone Montana High Country, Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler
  • Travel Trailers: Highland Ridge Light, Coachmen Catalina Destination Series.

Besides, choosing a good washing machine and dryer for campers is crucial as well. Relating some items below:

Source: Camperguide

Find a local RV shop to buy those devices.

Besides, some selling websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, or camping World are convenient alternatives.

Replacements For Camping Washing Machine and Dryer

In some cases, you might not be ready for pricey RV washers and dryers, or your tiny campers do not allow you to have a vast laundry device.

However, it would be best if you still had clean clothes during long trips.

As a result, you need alternatives, including:

  • Kitchen sink: As long as you want to get rid of dirty clothes right after the sweaty trips, five-gallon buckets are the very first option. It might be even faster when you use your hand and elbow, around 15 minutes to wash three to four clothes. Of course, you need determination as well.
  • Laundromats: If you are too lazy or tired with the hand-washing, finding some local laundromats and get things done with a few coins.
  • Truckstop plaza: Besides, some truck stop plazas such as Pilot, Flying J provide washing and clothing service, which benefits RVers
  • Parks and campgrounds: This public place is one of the most popular areas for RV washers and dryers.

Put A Washer And Dryer In A Camper: People Also Ask

1. Can you have a washing machine and dryer without hookups?

Portable washers and dryers are small enough to put on campers without any hookup.

Furthermore, it is relatively easy to move, so that you can place it anywhere in laundry loads.

However, according to some camper reviews, the device might not handle as many clothes as others.

2. Is a washer and dryer combo worth investing in?

For some, a washing machine and dryer combo are less effective.

It takes a longer time to complete the task compared to a separate device.

Plus, its capacity is only as half as others.

Contrarily, once you have tight spaces like in campers, that is an attractive option.

3. How do you wash clothes in a camper?

There are many ways to have your duds cleaned besides buying an onboard washer and dryer.

Finding a laundromat is a popular option.

Alternatively, wash them with your hands, going to a public washer and dryer, or cleaning a small number of loads regularly.

4. How long do a washing machine and dryer combo need to dry?

To wash the clothes, a combo takes roughly 30 minutes to nearly two hours.

Times for drying are pretty dynamic.

For instance, a ventless machine requires one to three hours to make your clothes dry.


In summary, above are some pieces of knowledge related to the question “Can you put a washer and dryer in a camper?”

It is possible to use such a device in your camper. However, my advice is that you should not install it by yourself if you are inexperienced. Hiring a handyperson or professionals is best to have an efficient machine. Besides, choose which type suits you most before buying one.

Hopefully, you can successfully install your RV washing machines and dryers at best!

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