How Much Water To Bring Camping?

If you’re planning on camping this summer, it’s important to know how much water to bring. The general rule is one gallon per person for the day. But what if you are going with a group of people? Do you need more? Well, just multiply the number of people by one gallon and that will give you your answer. If there are 10 people in your group, then each person needs at least 10 gallons of water! Now that might sound like a lot but don’t worry because it doesn’t have to be all bottled water either!

There are plenty of easy ways to collect fresh drinking water while out on an outdoor adventure such as filling up old milk jugs with tap or stream water from home and bringing them along with you.


What are the best ways to conserve water on a camping trip?

You might not bathe at all while camping. Some people have even been known to forego washing their hands for days on end! But if you do want a good hot shower every once in a blue moon, how much water does it take?

If you are going to wash yourself, then around 5 gallons of water is needed per person. That’s about what your average household uses when everyone takes a bath. Ha! So, in the privacy and comfort of nature’s resorts, can we afford that luxury? The answer is, YES WE CAN! There are some ways to conserve water while still enjoying your bath or shower out under the stars.

An easy way is to save money by bringing already-boiled water along with you. You can pour it into a big bucket and use it for rinsing off after your bath. If you’re like me, however, you’ll want to have that actual shower experience instead of the “bucket rinse” alternative!

Let’s check :)))

Another way to conserve water while camping is by doing the dishes out in the woods. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not about to take my dirty plates and cups back home if there are any clean ones left behind. At home, we have to take care of our dishes and do them right after dinner. But when you’re camping, simple clean-up is much easier!

It all starts with a few more bottles of water on your list – at least 3-4. If you think about it logically, washing the dishes out in the woods requires some water anyway, so why not use what’s already there? You’ll save yourself money by not having to bring extra dish soap along with you. Just don’t use any soap that isn’t biodegradable! And if you want an “automated” way to keep yourself clean while camping (without requiring too much energy or effort), then consider bringing a solar shower with you.

how much water to bring overnight camping

How Much Water To Bring Camping?

Is it safe to drink from rivers while camping?

It’s as safe as drinking from a faucet at home!

If you’re starting to feel homesick for something familiar, then do what I did: get back home by using water from the nearest stream or river.

I never got sick while I was gone! Of course, you shouldn’t drink out of stagnant pools of water, and if it’s raining a lot, that area will likely become flooded and unsafe – so be cautious about where you decide to go. Watch for wildlife too; they might use the same areas as you do. If you see any animals nearby drinking the water first (don’t follow them!) then go ahead and join them! It’s best not to drink directly after upstream because it is dirtier than other areas. Instead, grab some water downstream and use it for cooking or washing up.

Don’t bring too many bottles of drinking water with you – just fill them up as you go along!

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How Much Water To Bring Camping?

How much water should I bring for my family?

If you plan on doing any outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or canoeing then be sure to have plenty of water easily accessible at all times! You’ll want about 1 bottle (1 liter) per person each day , for a total of 4 days. Remember that children need more than adults because they are growing and having fun outside in the sun! If your trip is longer than a week, pack additional containers so that you can disinfect used ones before you fill them up again.

For example, Scenario 1 – 2 person, week-long summer backpacking trip to Shenandoah National Park

3 L (0.75 gal) per person, for a total of 6 L (1.5 gal). This allows 2 days of water use and 3 full days without needing to refill containers! You can always leave your containers in the backcountry campsite’s bathroom if you’re planning on coming back after only a day out there, or if you have a car nearby.

Done and done! Scenario 2 – 4 person, weekend rafting trip down the Shenandoah River with overnight camping Need an extra gallon just for cooking rice? No problemo! Count yourself in another 13 cups of dry rice, then multiply it by two per meal is how much you’ll need! That means you’ll bring around 2.3-2.5 gallons (7.9-8.6 L) of water per person, for a total of 6-8 gallons (22 to 30 L). This includes your drinking water and the water you’ll need for cooking!

Scenario 3 – 10 person, 2-weekend backpacking trip to Shenandoah National Park with extra food and drinks!

If they plan on having more fun outside than just sleeping at night, make sure they have enough water with them! 10 people planning on exercising and having fun in nature will use double the amount of water compared to if you were just going out there to sleep overnight or even stay for 2 days straight.

This is because it will require more effort from everyone involved as well as hotter temperatures that cause everyone to sweat more. To meet the needs for 10 people you will need about 18-20 gallons of water (68 to 76 L). That should be enough for all 10 people, plus 4-5 extra gallons stored at camp in case a torrential downpour happens!

how much water to take camping per person

How Much Water To Bring Camping?

Ask yourself before the answer

How long is the trip??

This is a big question! Don’t just think about it, write down the number of hours you plan on being outside and away from any source of water. Are you going to be backpacking in for 2 days with no water nearby? Or are you staying at a campground that has running showers and restrooms?

Maybe you’re planning on spending a week up there in the mountains but the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans, which means you have to hunker down and wait out the storm!

Where are you going?

Since not all natural bodies of water are safe to drink from, make sure you do some extra research before deciding where to go camping or hanging out during those hot summer months. If possible, head for one of the areas listed below as they are clear and safe for drinking purposes!

Scenic views of lakes, rivers, and streams are sure to bring out the best in your outdoor experience! If you’re planning on fishing and swimming as well, then be sure not to let common knowledge mistakes ruin such an amazing addition. You may have heard that drinking from a moving stream is safer than one that has been still for hours but this is basically true when it comes to having safe drinking water outside − everything else should be left alone.

How many campers in the group?

If you’re planning on camping with just your immediate family, then you won’t need as much water as if the whole neighborhood is going! How much water does each person use in a day? Keep in mind that children use more than adults, especially when outside playing and enjoying nature.

The average amount of water used per person is about 10 cups (2 liters) a day . Divide this number by two to determine how many containers are needed! If it’s just you and someone else or maybe 4 people total, then plan to bring 2-3 gallons of water per person. Don’t forget that cooking uses up some too and washing up after dinner can take up most of these amounts.

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What time of the year?

Summer and spring are the prime seasons for heading out into nature. With beautiful scenery, lush greenery all around, and the weather warming up, it’s no wonder why there is a rush to head outside! If you plan on going out camping or just hanging out during these months then make sure to pay attention to how much water you’ll need once you’ve arrived at your destination.

It doesn’t take long for people to go through their water supply when socializing with family and friends in such beautiful natural environment; especially if alcohol is involved .

Is there access to freshwater sources?

Sometimes being prepared means bringing your own water supply from home but more often than not that will mean carrying extra weight in your already heavy backpack or bag. Instead, look for local places to fill up at. If you choose a campground with running water then this is easy but if you’re in the middle of nowhere, like deep woods wilderness or something along those lines, your best bet would be heading for a river instead . River water can be harsh on the skin if used directly from the source so make sure to boil it before drinking.

Do you need water for cooking?

If you’re planning to camp out with friends then it’s best to evenly distribute the amount of food that you’re going to be consuming throughout the trip. For example: pack 10 sandwiches and eat three a day while there or make five hotdogs at home but only bring three with you so they have time to cool off before eating them! This will help regulate how much water gets used per person in one sitting. Also, if you are camping with kids (or adults, really) then try limiting their intake by making sure snacks aren’t eaten every waking moment.

Keep in mind that cleaning dishes, brushing teeth, washing hair and bodies are all uses for water too! The more people involved the faster you’ll go through your supply so be sure to bring enough for everyone’s needs. If cooking is required then find ways to do it as efficiently as possible.

Boiling water will use up the least amount of supplies so if there’s a way around using a camp stove (sometimes an extra weight) then try doing so. You can also wash clothes as much as possible. Washing machines use a lot of water, and this is another way to save on your supply without having to do any extra hiking just for more.

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How Much Water To Bring Camping? (cre: nps)


How do you pack enough water for camping?

It’s important to pack enough water for your trip so that each camper can have plenty of water to drink and wash up with. Start by bringing the minimum amount of water as suggested above for those outside activities, then gradually add more of it throughout the day until everyone is satisfied.

How much water do you need for 3 days?

It’s possible to pack enough water for your entire trip in a single container if you’re camping near a freshwater source and won’t need to use any other water sources. This will depend on how many people are going with you though.

For an idea of how much water is needed per person then try using this simple equation: (weight of person X 17) / 10 = total amount of water you need! If it’s just one or two people that are going with you then half the amount works fine.

How much water do I need for 10 days hiking?

This will vary depending on how big an area your exploring. If you are backpacking around a small area then ten liters should work just fine but if camping in an unknown location where there may be no nearby freshwater sources near by then double or even triple this amount just to be safe.

Why Are The Campsite Etiquettes Important

How Much Water To Bring Camping? (cre: outforia)

How long do you boil water for?

Remember that boiling water requires greater heat than most stoves provide so don’t waste time by thinking you’ll need ten minutes! Most people figure out how long it takes their own stove and they subtract two minutes from this. So if it takes five minutes for your stove then take one minute off and start counting when the bubbles are huge enough to cover the bottom of your pot.

How do you pack water for camping in a car?

If you need to pack water for a camping trip by putting it in your car then make sure that the bottles are covered at least half way with a plastic bag. This will keep them from spilling over during rougher drives or bumps in roads.

Make sure that everyone has something to carry their own water too! Carrying a single bottle of water between two people is usually not an option so find ways to tie as many bottles together as possible and be creative about how you do it, especially if going on longer trips. They’ll get hot though so try getting collapsible cardboard boxes (that you don’t need) instead of regular ones .


The amount of water you need to bring camping varies based on a number of factors. You should consider the following when determining how much water needs to be carried for your group while out in nature: time, location, climate, and whether or not there are access points nearby with freshwater sources. These questions can help answer how many people will require drinking water while at camp as well as what type of containers will work best for carrying it around. No matter where your adventure takes you this summer, make sure that you plan ahead so that everyone has enough fresh clean drinking water throughout their trip!

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