How To Clean Canvas Camping Chairs, Folding Chairs, Lawn Chairs?

After a picnic, one thing we sure that all of us care about is how to clean canvas camping chairs. The chairs may have been put to sandy grounds, camping trips, parks, etc. then become very dirty that makes you crazy.

In this article, we have some tips to help you wash off your canvas camping chairs.

Moreover, we have provided other tips to keep your chairs away from mold and always be in the best condition.

Do you want to know more about the other chair styles?

Yes, we also have that list for you below.

Let’s take a look now!

Camping Chair Styles

How To Remove Mold From Camping Chairs

Nowadays, there are many different camping seat styles on the market. You can choose a suitable one base on your own purposes and preferences.

1. Classic style:

These chairs have a straight back and flat seat, as well as four legs (or a similarly large, solid base). They are cheap, sturdy, and usually tall enough for you to sit down and stand up comfortably.

2. Low style:

They are better on sand or uneven terrain because they are less tippy than a higher chair. They are also a decent choice for outdoor concerts where chair backs are restricted in height.

3. Gliders and rockers:

Rocking and kicking back is a natural match, particularly for fidgety people. On even surfaces, these types perform best.

4. Suspended style:

How To Clean Folding Chairs

You pay a bit extra for this newer version, in which the chair hangs down from the frame and allows you to sway a little. Since you are suspended, you do not have to worry about uneven grounds.

5. Scoop style:

This is the general term for chairs with no distinct back and seat. Many have a reasonable compromise, providing enough comfort in a light camping chair.

6. Two-legged:

These chairs are an acquired taste, but they do have their devotes. Your feet will take the role of the chair’s front feet, saving weight and allowing you to rock a bit. If you kick back too hard, you can pitch over backward.

7. Three-legged style:

Camp stools are the most basic three-legged chairs. Those with both a seat and a back will weigh less than their four-legged equivalent. However, they will not be as sturdy.

Types of camping chairs


How To Clean Canvas Camping Chairs: 8 Different Ways

1. Steam cleaning:

To clean the cloth of the chair, use a handheld or portable dress steamer. Simply fill the chamber with clean water and spray any marks or dirty spots with it. The technique is ideal for chairs with no removable materials. Germs and bacteria that may be present in the canvas may also be killed with the hot steam.

One disadvantage is that steamers must be plugged in, which means you will either have to pull your dirty chairs inside or use an extension cord to use outside. Small steamers may only offer a few minutes of continuous steam, so cleaning the whole chair can take many treatments and be time-consuming.

Steam cleaning

2. Alcohol spray:

Fill a plastic spray bottle with alcohol or ethanol and spray it over the chair. Enable the chair to dry wholly in the sun after that.

To achieve the desired results, the procedure can need to be repeated many times. Often measure the alcohol treatment on a small, inconspicuous section of the chair first to ensure that the canvas does not get discolored or damaged.

3. Vinegar spray:

Vinegar, similar to alcohol, can be put in a spray bottle and sprayed on places where mold or mildew appears. It is not compulsory to dilute the vinegar with water, just an additional option. Clearthe vinegar, clean the chair down with a sponge after spraying.

After being cleaned, the chair would need to dry out in the heat. There is also a possibility that the chair will smell like vinegar right after it has been wiped. But the odor will fade after time.

If you wish to avoid a heavy vinegar smell, clean it with soap after the vinegar treatment and let it dry in the sun.

vinegar spray

4. Put in the washing machine:

The answer to your question about how to clean canvas camping chairs will be easier if your chair has removable fabric. All you have to do is remove it and put it into the washing machine with a gentle detergent. Often use the gentle cycle and avoid placing delicate fabrics like mesh inside a laundry bag for delicates.

5. Use the vacuum:

Using the household vacuum cleaner and accessories to deep clean seats that are dusty but do not have a lot of stains is a good idea. For a more sturdy canvas, use the brush attachment. For more fragile fabrics, use the upholstery attachment.

6. Hand washing in the shower:

Disposable seats that can not be machine washed should be washed by hand in the bathtub. Fill the bathtub with warm water and a cleanser. The components could then be placed inside and submerged.

To prevent scratching the clothing, scrub any stains with a soft cloth or brush. Brush the canvas together to loosen soil and residue as an alternative. Allow soaking for several hours before completely rinsing.

How To Clean Mold Off Camping Chairs

7. Hydrogen peroxide:

A hydrogen peroxide mixture is good at removing stains, but it is not effective on grease or oil stains. It is, however, excellent for stains created by fruit, tea, or coffee, as well as other organic stains such as grass. It disinfects while still assisting with the removal of odors.

Spot cure the dye with a mixture of two-thirds water and one-third hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Allow for 10 to 15 minutes of drying time, depending on the stain’s hardness, and then absorb any remaining moisture with a towel.

8. Car wash:

Since all the required machinery is right there, the car wash is a perfect place to easily scrub your dirty chair. Simply clean the chairs with a brush, then spray them with the power washer.

However, do not apply too much pressure or you can tear down your chair. Stand a few feet out from the chair and angle the hose. Last but not least, let the chairs dry in the sun as the other methods.

What Do You Need When You Clean Canvas Camping Chairs?

How To Get Mold Off Camping Chairs

Here is a list of some basic and easy to find things that you may need:

  • Warm water
  • Mild dish soap
  • Vinegar (white)
  • Cup for measuring
  • Brush with soft bristles
  • Bottle for spraying
  • Some washcloths
  • Optional sponge

It is always better to clean any dirty chairs outside, particularly if there is mold or mildew on them. You will need an open or well ventilated space to allow the air to escape. If you do not want the place to get dusty, use an old newspaper or a tarp to put down on the floor. This is therefore important to catch any spores before they spread to other surfaces.

Since the chairs would need to sit outside in the sun after being cleaned, choose a bright, warm day to do the cleaning. If it is raining or overcast, the chairs are in danger of mildewing and they will not be able to dry out. Start as early as possible in the day so that the chairs have enough time to dry entirely. The amount of time required would be determined by the type of canvas and whether or not padding was also washed as well.

How To Clean Canvas Camping Chairs: Step-By-Step Guideline

How To Clean Camping Chairs

Step 1: Remove the dirt with a brush

We know some people think about the vacuum idea first. However, it is not a good idea to vacuum the seats when they are all dirty. Wipe away any debris, crumbs, or grime that has stuck on top with a soft bristle brush. After that, you can flip the chair upside down to continue brushing.

Step 2: Using a mixture of white vinegar and warm water, spray the area

Fill a spray bottle with the combination of 1/3 warm water and 2/3 white vinegar. Then spray the whole chair from top to bottom. Make sure you have done it both the front and back.

Step 3: Scrub in the combination

Using a warm washcloth or sponge, gently clean the mixture into the chair. You will need to spritz the chair a couple more times to ensure that any persistent stains are completely removed.

Step 4: Clean off the legs

camping chairs with table

Scrub the chair legs with gentle dish soaps, warm water, and another fluffy washcloth or sponge while the mixture is soaking. If the armrests are on a metal frame, you can even get beneath them.

Step 5: Rinse well with warm water

Using water, rinse the mixture and soap out. Notice that if you use a strong hose to clean the chair, you risk damaging it.

Step 6: Allow the chair to dry in the sun

It is preferable to allow your chair to dry naturally outside in the sun. It could take up to an hour or two to dry entirely.

A tip for you:

How to clean canvas camping chairs from stains? Grass stains on canvas or fabric chairs may be removed with rubbing alcohol, laundry detergent, or baking soda. Scrub the stain with one of these ingredients, then rinse thoroughly after about 15 minutes.

How To Clean Mold Off Camping Chairs?

How To Clean a Camp Chair

First of all, spray the mold areas with pure white vinegar to destroy them. Then allow drying for some minutes. White vinegar is the best organic option for you to kill the mold. After that, scrub it with a soft brush and a combination of salt, lemon, and warm water. You have to avoid using too many detergent soaps and chlorine because they are rough on canvas and difficult to rinse out.

If you do not want your camping chairs to smell of vinegar, mix warm water with a quarter cup of detergent, a quarter cup of baking soda, and a teaspoon of lemon juice after treating them. Wash the cloth of the camping chair with that solvent and then clean with warm water.

Clean Canvas Camping Chairs

Source: Make Home Healthy

How To Clean Canvas Camping Chairs: Removing Stains

Not just dirt or mold, you need to know how to clean a camp chair when it gets stains.

1. Banking soda spot treatment:

Almost all stains can be removed with some baking soda and water. Allow the baking soda to stay on the stain for a few minutes before washing it off. The leftover soda can be vacuumed out, or the residue can be sprayed with water and scrubbed with an old toothbrush.

2. Taking care with tree sap:

How To Clean Folding Camping Chairs

Scrape off the extra sap with a butter knife first. To soften the sap, use acetone nail polish remover as a solvent. You should either use isopropyl alcohol or an enzyme-based stain remover. Allow time for the sap to melt and dissolve before wiping it out.Scrub the stain with a heavy duty detergent and water, and rinse it with hot water. If there is a spot remained, wash it again.

3. Grass stains removing:

Grass stains can be removed with a variety of at home recipes. You can try one of the following options: alcohol rubbing, baking soda, detergent, vinegar, etc. Simply scrub the stain thoroughly, allow it to sit long enough for the cleaner to erase it, and then thoroughly rinse all over.

4. Bird droppings cleaning:

How To Clean Canvas Chairs

To remove as many as possible, use a disposable utensil or a twig. Then, to soften the dried-on residue, brush the chair with water and let it soak. Using soapor a bleach solution, disinfect the area. To dissolve a stain in droppings that contain fruits, use hydrogen peroxide or an oxygen-based bleach.

5. Treatments for mildew:

Mildew will chew through canvas fibers, causing damage or weakening the structure of your chair. Thus, you should clean it as soon as possible. Brush or shake them off and treat any stains with liquid detergent. Allow it to rest for about 15 minutes after rubbing it into the fibers. Then, for the best results, wash it in water that is as hot as possible depends on the type of canvas. Stains can also be removed with oxygen bleach, which is particularly effective on colored fabric.

Treating canvas tent is kind of the same as chairs. Let’s take a look at this video to know more about how to clean canvas tent:

Some Tips When Using Your Camping Chairs

Everything will be much easier if you can avoid the problem right from the start. This begins by doing whatever you can to keep your chairs dry while they are being stored. Remember that mold and mildew grow in wet environments, and it does not take long to get them started.

1. Stay away from the messes:

If you are camping at a campground and have access to a picnic table, you can reduce the amount of food stains you get by using it instead of your camping chair. You will still want to keep an eye out for sap dripping trees over your setup and try to keep your chairs as far away from them as possible.

How To Clean Mildew Off Camping Chairs

2. Safe storage:

If your chairs come with storage containers, make use of them. This will not only keep dirt and grime out of the canvas when you are on the way, but it will also shield it from rips and breaks.

3. Protecting from grime:

How about making your seats waterproof and stain-resistant? Applying a coat of Scotchguard to the canvas is the easiest method you can come to. You will also need to vacuum your chairs on a regular basis, but stains will be less likely to set and mold and mildew will be better covered.

How To Clean Canvas Camping Chairs: People Also Ask

Best Way To Clean Camping Chairs

1. Can Camping Chairs Get Wet?

Do you expect your camping chairs to be soaked or left out in the rain? Thankfully, most products are water resistant and should be able to withstand the rain. Thus, you can leave them outdoors while camping without the risk of them being damaged. However, the canvas ones are not water resistant. So you have to keep them dry to maintain the fabric quality.

2. Are camping chairs suitable for use at the beach?

Yes, a decent camping chair becomes a good friend to use at the beach. It even goes with you to the pool, park, outdoor concerts, BBQs, and picnics thanks to its convenience and light weight. Nevertheless, you should choose water-resistant with plastic legs when using them at the beach.

3. Can You Recommend A Light Camping Chair?

We recommend you the Helinox One Original Collapsible Camping Chair.

The Helinox One is the lightest product that we just checked recently. Its weight is just 1 pound and capable of supporting up to 320 pounds of a human mass. Additionally, it does so while keeping convenience and durability as well.

4. How To Choose A Good Camp Chair?

How To Wash Camping Chairs

You can consider the following features when picking your seat:

End-use: Weight and packed size are the most important factors to consider while backpacking. When it comes to front country camping, the most important factor is your comfort.

Size/height: Obviously, the bigger this the better. On the opposite side, low chairs are ideal for festivals and areas that are uneven or dusty. High chairs are also better since you do not have to worry about getting dirty when sitting too close to the ground.

Construction preference: Classic, two-legged, three-legged, rocker, glider, and many other styles are available on the market now.  If you want to buy a unique chair, try it out before you buy it.


A camping chair makes sitting outside more enjoyable, whether you are spending a weekend out in the great outdoors or simply going to a social picnic.

Prevention or cleaning in the right way will certainly go a long way in keeping your camping chairs always in good condition. We hope this article has helped you figure out how to clean canvas camping chairs in the best way.

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