How To Drive Stakes Into Rocky Ground?

In some cases, you might wonder how to drive stakes into the rocky ground.

Especially when you have a long trip and find the soil is too stony and rocky to set up camp, you need some tips to solve the issue. If not, there might be a chance your stacks would break and bend quickly.

Then, refer to the article below to know how to tackle your problem!

how to drive stakes into hard ground

Methods for placing posts into stony soil (Source: hdeerbusters)

How To Drive Stakes Into Rocky Ground? A Quick Answer

You should keep in mind three main methods to hammer stakes into the hard ground successfully. First, think about using a gad spike to make a pilot hole and put your stakes into it. Alternatively, it would be best to have a significant hammer increase the whole force with high-quality stakes. The last tip is to use an SDS drill combined with masonry drill bits to solve the hard ground.

Driving Stakes Into Stony Ground: The Best Methods

stake a tent in sand

1, A gad spike

The first tip I suggest to tackle stony ground is using a gad spike-like Dimex.

As usual, a gad spike is a kind of spike made from metal. It often has a length of one foot and a thickness of one inch.

When using the spikes, make sure they would not fly around. I often avoid the situation by purchasing the ones made from softer metal. They should be more delicate than the hammer’s head. Then, they would not get a splinter when you hit on the spikes. Instead, they become mushroom over.

In any case, avoiding hazards is our ultimate goal.

tent stakes

2, A giant hammer

You can pick up a more giant hammer than usual to bring in brute force for a more straightforward method. Then, digging a pilot hole would become more accessible.

Do not forget to use the hammers like REDCAMP to spill your numerous wooden posts if possible.

Besides, sometimes, I also make the ground wet when I have more time, leading to looser soil. A crowbar and a shove would be helpful as well to remove any rebellious rocks.

best way to stake a tent in sand

3, A SDS drill

SDS drills are what you can think of following as a good solution for stony grounds.

Of course, I suggest using large masonry drills to smooth the process of driving the posts. Meanwhile, their size should be a little bit smaller than the posts. For instance, suppose you have a 60 x 30mm stake; you can use 25mm (or smaller) masonry drill bits.

When you have already pointed the position you want to place the posts, use the SDS drill to make the holes. A 100 mm-in-height hole or deeper would ensure the posts are kept steady.

Bear in mind to take a giant hammer or club hammer to drive the stake.

tent stake driver

4, High-quality stakes

For you have to pound posts into hard ground, a good solution is to pick up the good ones.

That would prevent you from breaking or bending them down quickly. Plus, the best posts tend to save you from having a hard time trying to drive them.

For example, I often use the MSR Groundhog tent stake once I set up tents on rocky soils, sand, or other ground types.

More than that, the MSR posts offer a lightweight, greatly easing the pressure on your backpack. Compared with other devices, the product of MSR also provides a much holding power and strength. They are durable enough not to break in stony ground alike.

tent stakes amazon

Furthermore, I suggest the titanium shepherds hooks, given that you have a generous budget to use.

They are thinner and lighter enough to run into the cracks between rocks concerning their benefit. The titanium material makes them more durable than the posts made from aluminum.

Lastly, think about the steel posts as solid and cheap items to pound into rocky soils. On the other side, keep in mind that they are heavier than aluminum or titanium posts. Hence, I do not suggest them for backpackers.

tent stakes for sand

How to drive stakes into rocky ground? (Source: adrenalinebuff)

How To Drive Tent Stakes Into The Ground Correctly?

1, Decide the actual position

Suppose you are a newcomer; you might find trouble with pounding the posts into hard ground and set up your camp tents.

Then, there are a couple of strategies and tips you can keep in mind to improve the situation.

First, you need to put the posts straight up with the ground. For the best reason, make them stand up at a ninety-degree with the soil.

how to put stakes in hard ground

That enhances the resistance level, preventing the posts from pulling out the ground at the end.

Plus, when you place the hook position, bear in mind not to make them face your tents. Then, when the loop or wire is connected, the power needed to hold the tent would ultimately be increased.

They also put the posts at a calculated angle with the tent. For example, the four tags in four tent corners should form an “X” shape across the tent base, not a square one. According to scientific studies, the method would optimize the holding power.

2, Pick up the suitable tool

Choosing the correct banging tools is essential as well. They can include a club hammer, large rocks, or a mallet.

how to put tent stakes in hard ground

Of course, taking a large rock is more convenient, for they are often available in most camping areas. No need to take responsibility for bringing the extra weight would free you much for doing other activities.

But, suppose you already know that you will set up camps in sandy or loose soil, I suggest bringing the YIYI TOOLS mallets. Meanwhile, the hammer is better at working as a multi-purpose tool, not only for pounding posts.

Besides, keep in mind that, no matter which tool kind you use, the more force they can provide, the better for your steady posts, especially on the hard ground.

how to drive stakes into the ground

3, Pound the stakes correctly

Now, think about banging the tent tags correctly.

For instance, banging them too strong or too weak might not make the ultimate pleasure. Keeping the action stable yet long enough would firmly ensure the posts are inserted into the hard ground.

Do not use your foot to bang into the posts. Even though you forget to bring the hammer or wallet, find any rock around to take action. If not, there might be a high chance you would make the posts bent or muddle the surrounding dirt.

how to stake a tent in frozen ground

What’s more, when you bang into the posts, do not do it halfway only. Completely inserting the tent pegs in the ground would satisfy your demands of a secure hold.

I also suggest using large rocks to enhance the posts’ strength. Putting the stones on top of the tags would help.

If you can not find any stone around, take two to three tags to improve the holding power.

Take a look at this video to know more about driving those tags into stony soil:

How To Drive Stakes Into Rocky Ground? People Also Ask

1, How many stakes do you need to hold the tents?

It is primarily based on your tent and the weather to decide how many stakes are needed. But, in general, it requires from four to seven stakes to keep the camping shelter. Often, each corner needs at least one stake. That would be two or three tags, suppose it’s windy or snowy.

The larger the tents are, the more stakes your need to prepare.

how to stake a tent on hard ground

2, How to use a hammer to pound stakes into the hard ground correctly?

I suggest you take one to two water bottles to pour into the area to put the stakes on hard ground. Then, wait around five minutes for the water to go into the ground and soften your soil.

After that, pound stakes into the ground, using a claw hammer, combining with a bar or even your foot.

3, How to pound stakes into gravel?

There are two methods you can apply to keep the stakes into gravel. The first common one is using a spot and shovel and removing the rock away from the area where you place the stakes.

The second way is to use heavy rocks. Take a rock to hold the stake loop down. And another one on top of the stake to keep in place.

tent stakes for sand home depot

4, How to drive stakes on ice?

You can use a driller to make holes and lay the stakes down with the ice ground. Remember that the holes’ depth should range from 10 to 15 cm, counting from the ice surface.

Besides, to get rid of the tape and rope in the hole, using the pipe cleaner would help.


To conclude, above is the complete answer for how to drive stakes into the rocky ground.

Besides the standard methods, you might want to refer to how to pound the stakes into the stony soil correctly. Choosing the correct position, using the right tool, and following the proper methods are all you need to place the items perfectly.

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