What Is The Purpose Of a Tent Footprint?

What is a tent footprint?

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Hello Watkins hot wheels company unless you mean mike today i’m giving you guys a bit more information about what necessarily as a footprint.
It’s very common question to ask is what is a footprint.
What was ideal for businesses to play sia footprints/groundsheet which was underneath?
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We’ve attended Bostonian groundsheet so the principle of it is you done before you get your tents out your foot print out so often he is down here.
Alarm for 10, I’m at Luxor keep the base, nice and dry it also gives you an extra. People are against tony rocks and pegs as well so hopefully, it’s me it sent it last longer.
So without pooping when you would find me knowing times outta 10 you come to pitch your tents.
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Berlin, somewhere you can strongly recommend, Amazon option witches. Premature neely old times with signing groundsheet.
Don’t be alarmed if the actual footprint is a very slight bit smaller than the actual tent.
Is there for a purpose? The principle of is office of footprint overshadows comes out underneath the tent.
If it was the rain. wolf is literally going to go on the tents down the side collect on the footprint and then go underneath the tent so ideally in the tent needs to be over the top.
Antsy can’t really see the footprints, questions, or queries about Footprints carpet. Telophase not swapping newest can contact us by Facebook or email address.
Was it really say to help out will so anything’s let us know.

How To Use a Footprint

Hey, everybody backpacks at your coming at you with another drill tip about how to properly put a tent on a footprint or more importantly how to put a footprint.
Underneath the tent. This isn’t going to be a part of the debate about whether or not to use a footprint that’s a whole different subject.
That’s going to be the topic of another video. But this is for those of you who do use a footprint.
It’s important or with your footprint, Horace or not, I want to meet my pores, water can pass through it if you have your footprint. It’s very easy to tell you to take a container like an ice cream container.
Place a corner of your footprint in it. Pour some water in push it down a little bit and then pour some water in.
Gather up the footprint. And if it doesn’t hold any water you have a Porsche footprint.
You probably don’t have to worry about this tiffany.
However, if you have a non-porous footprint, like this one, you can take that same, footprint, this is just a different material, pour some water into the container, gather it up, are you can see that it is holding, the water, you didn’t hear it, sloshing around in her, what that means is this is a non-porous, footprint, now the reason this is important. Is when you set up a tent with a non-porous footprint.
Very important. Not to have the footprints stick out from underneath the temp.
The reason being any rainwater that comes off the tent and hits this.
Footprint. Is going to end up underneath the tent and here’s why.
When you set your chin up and you’re using a footprint.
You’re going to throw your foot print out. And I’ll say this is where we’re going to set a 10 upright here look what happens when the 10th get set up and I crawl around inside.
I push that footprint down but I’m not pushing it down out here.
So if you have this, Chad disability to shed water. Underneath the tent basically what you’re doing is all around your tent.
You’re setting up literally a cookie sheet. And when it rains water comes in gets onto that cookie sheet of a footprint.
And that water has no place to go it will simply heavy held in there.
Between the floor of your tent and your footprint, by the water repellency of the footprint, that’s going to cause to problems, first off. Very few tents are absolutely totally 100% waterproof on the floor.
If water gets underneath there it will find a way to.
Percolate up into your tent, getting you and your dear wet. That’s inconvenient trouble something in some cases even deadly.
So, the idea here is to make sure, if you use a footprint to make sure, that it does not stick out, either tuck it up underneath, or folded up, now I see a lot of people, used these, blue Park, there’s nothing wrong with it. You can just assume these are non-porous that’s what they’re made for.
But I see a lot of people do get lichen, 6 by 8 tent and get an 8 by 10 tarp. And I’ll set it out to the tarp is sticking out of foot all the way around.
That is just going to put water underneath the for the 10th between the floor in the footprint.
Not only using a perk light up but. If you have your temps if they’re long enough it’s just like putting your tent away wet.
It’s going to get mold and mildew underneath there and that’s the last thing you want is to ruin for your tent.
Will mold and mildew, so if you use a footprint and a non-porous, make sure you folded up. We’re talking up underneath so you cannot see it so any rainwater that comes off of your tent.
Goes into the ground and is not captured, buy a footprint, sticking out like this because this, is going to eventually cause problems. When I get him to this temp and I start pushing down in here the water in fact there’s water up underneath there already.
This is backpack coming at you with this tip make sure that if you have a non-porous footprint that it is completely concealed by the warp cell.
Be sure to like subscribe, and share my videos be safe out there and I’ll see you.
Out on the trail,

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